How to Enter your Google Calendar to Flat4Day

To obtain your calendar's address, please follow these steps:

1. In the calendar list on the left side of the page, click the down-arrow button next to the appropriate calendar, then select Calendar settings.



2. In the Calendar Address section, click the XML or HTML button. A pop-up window with your calendar's public URL will appear.



3. Use this URL to access your calendar information. To export your calendar in iCalendar format, select the ICAL button and click the displayed URL to obtain an ICS file containing your calendar data.



4. Please Note: You need to make sure that your Calendar is set to "public" mode. To make sure, go to Share this Calendar tab and make sure that Share this calendar with others & Make this calendar public options are ticked. The drop-down menu next to this option should also read See all event details. This will make sure we sync your calendar availability correctly.


5. Now you’re ready to use this iCal link for your listing in Flat4Day.

6. Login to Flat4Day

7. Click on your Profile Picture on homepage and select “My Listings”



8. Click on “Manage my Calendar” for your desired Listing



9. Paste the iCal link you copied from your Google account in the designated place below “iCal import URL”.



10. Click Save & Continue.

11. You are done! Repeat the same process for all the listings you want to share!

12. Don’t forget to update your Google calendar based on the reservations you get on all the platforms you’re present. The iCal sync you just performed, will make sure that the changes you make on the master calendar will be reflect to your Flat4Day account.


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